Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf....

Okay so I know this is a little late, & that I should have posted throughout December
about our Elf on the Shelf.
But I was so busy planning ideas for Elf's visit I forgot to post about it all but I guess it's
better late than never!
So since joining Pinterest I had seen lots of pins for Elf ideas, when I looked into these a
little more I realised it was an awesome way to encourage good behaviour in the lead
up to Christmas.
Such a tool is always welcome when you have a child, so I discussed the idea with Jason &
we decided to buy an Elf for Rhyley.

In Australia they don't sell Elf on the Shelf in stores so I jumped on Ebay & ordered one!
When he finally arrived we planned that our Elf would arrive the day Rhyley got back
from camp which meant that we would have to come up with a whole month's worth of
Elf of the Shelf ideas.

Here are our photos of our Elf - Bumble aka SuperElf!

 Day 1 - Bumble arrived with his special book

Day 2 - Bumble was found climbing the kitchen blind

 Day 3 - Here he is in the light shade

 Day 4 - Shootin' some hoops!

 Day 5 - CANDY DIVING!!!!

Day 6 - Bumble left a little note for Rhyley

Day 7 - Stuck in the cookie jar!
 Day 8 - It's been a loooong day!

 Day 9 - Hangin' with dinosaurs!

Day 10 - Oh my what have you done!

Day 11 - Bumble left this..... 

 ....he painted a red nose on Rhyley 
& stuck stickers on him hehe...

 Day 12 - Bumble decided to make breakfast a 
Smoothie for Rhyley & some odd candy 
& tabasco concoction

 Day 13 - Bumble made Marshmallow Poppers 
for Rhyley with detailed instructions

 Day 14 - I wonder what is in the egg?!

 Day 15 - Daredevil Bumble!

Day 16 - Hanging from the ceiling fan 
on a Nerf Vortex Howler

Day 17 - Roasting marshmallows

Day 18 - Check himself out in a skirt?!?!

Day 19 - Hanging in the shower with a 
water pistol

Day 20 - Skateboarding on the windowsill
(Last day at home before going on 
holiday with Rhyley)

Day 21 - Making a snowman in 
Aunty Mel's freezer

Day 22 - All tied up after trying 
to pinch Aunty Mel's earrings

Day 23 - At Grandma's with Rhyley's 
breakfast cereal

Day 24 - First day at Nanny & Poppy's
looking in the pot plant for frogs!

Day 25 - Pretending the shell is a sleigh

Day 26 - Chillin' under the Christmas tree

Day 27 - Fishing with the gnomes in the 
frog pond

Day 28 - Checking out where Australia 
is on the globe

Day 29 - Supporting the WRONG footy team!

Day 30 - Hiding in Nanny's doll cupboard

Day 31 - Helping out feeding the dogs!

We had so much fun with Bumble visiting & we can't wait until he comes to visit this Christmas!
So that is our month with Bumble aka SuperElf our Elf on the Shelf.

Until next time,

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